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watch If I had to summarize my Paris Fashion Week experience in 5 words, I would probably choose: viagra online lloyds pharmacy Mind-blowing, spectacular, see enriching, enter site overwhelming and surreal.

The first day was already promising. After a successful photoshoot at the dreamy Palais Royal gardens, we made our way to the first fashion show of the week, where I was interviewed by Marie Claire China. Everything correct until there, right? Unfortunately for me, that isn’t the end of the story. After being out and about for hours in a bright but windy March weather, while wearing a solid end-of-May outfit, I was uncontrollably shivering to the point of not being able to control my own voice. Somehow, I managed to finish the interview with some dignity and a rather long laughter of embarrassment.

Another highlight of that week was our attendance to the Spanish Embassy for the MADE IN SPAIN cocktail party: a display of the most amazing Spanish designers and brands (Hello, Manolo Blahnik!), whithin one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever been to and (importantly) including the most delicious Iberico ham, accompanied by a million more culinary  tapas. YES. TO. EVERYTHING. Oups, my stomach took over here for a while.

Anyway, back to the fashion shows. My absolute faves were (Drum rolls, please):


Who doesn’t want to be a princess? Surely I do, and Valentin Yudashkin showed us how to. His collection was inspired by the whimsical tradition of Siberian fairytales, where elegance and sophistication stood central.



Of course, I had to mention the Nina Ricci show, with a marvellous exhibition of what we all want to look like: chic, timeless and street-style fabulous.

Did I forget to mention my excitement to be sitting right across Anna Wintour? A lot of thoughts went through my mind when I saw her graceful posture and her iconic sunglasses. ‘Should I smile, should I wave, should I wink…?’ My body decided to go for a mix of them all, so I crawled under my seat to enjoy the fashion show from there (Just kidding, guys!).

Overall, Nina Ricci presented a timeless mix of sequins, ruffles and sophistication.



“Where is our next fashion show going to be?” “Inside a church, obviously!” That was probably the thought process of the creative team of Coppélia Pique. And it worked, oh so good. For this FW16 mythicising romance and death in a modern Renaissance environment, they could not have chosen a better setting.



John Galliano chose an unusual location inside the gymnasium of a school to display his not-so-innocent ode to transparencies, tailoring and fluidity. Some military resemblances included, this collection reminded us of the famous quote: “Less is more”.



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