Cala del Pi, SPAIN

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For a few fleeting moments, it was only us, the sand, the sea, the soft wind and the golden sun peeking over the horizon. Peaceful, with not a soul to be found, it felt like this was our private little beach and we had a front row seat to admire the spectacle, only for us to see. Describing the view as “breathtaking” is definitely an understatement.

And awesomely, all my favourite colours were present, getting together in a glimmering gathering right where the sea meets the sky… The dim warmth and glow of the sun completed my outfit, bringing out the blue and orange tones of my H&M leaf-print culottes jumpsuit. Oh, what can I say about this marvellous jumpsuit… Comfortable in its luxuriousness, sophisticated in its simplicity, it was just the ideal pick for a breezy summer day (Okay yes, I had to check in the dictionary to make sure “luxuriousness” exists…). But what really stole the show were these coral blue statement earrings, giving the whole look an exotic vibe.

Suddenly I thought to myself: “I should have brought some satin floor cushions, fresh fruit and candle holders… This could have been the perfect moment for the most fabulous seaside sunrise party (ever).”

But let’s be real now, not everything is as glamorous as it seems. Arriving on time for such an early affair, bronzed makeup on fleek and photoshoot-worthy hair ready, is no joking matter.

As I was making the math the day before, my heart sank. ‘Hmmm, so the sun goes up at 6:15 am and we have a one-hour drive until the location. I never seem to have enough time to make up and get ready, but hey! Waking up at 4 should be enough, right? RIGHT?’ Of course, the 3-hour long night could have been avoided by going to bed a little earlier, but sure enough, there was an obstacle to that too (Thank you, little brother for graduating precisely that day!).

The result: Five coffees for the photographer, an ice-cold morning (or late night if you prefer) shower for me, and the sudden desire to pose on the ground for the majority of the shoot. In spite of the sleep deprivation, my enthusiasm was unstoppable. Ultimately, this shoot greatly magnified my beach sunrise cravings. Oh well, I guess I will have to make a hobby out of this from now on!

Next Sunday, 6:15 am. I’ll see you there!



Jumpsuit: H&M (similar)

Earrings: H&M (similar)


  1. 3 October 2016 / 01:13

    Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful coionrbutitn.

  2. 3 October 2016 / 01:10

    Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good intrfmaoion.

  3. 11 July 2016 / 21:27

    loved the earrings and your smile in the last picture! 🙂

    what a sunset huh?!

    Jade –

  4. 1 July 2016 / 10:18

    I absolutely LOVE the jumpsuit- what a cute pattern!

  5. 28 June 2016 / 14:31

    These photos are so nice. A pity you have to get up so so early to make them!

  6. Steve Holliday
    27 June 2016 / 14:54

    You are simply a beautiful woman, you would be beautiful wearing anything.

  7. 26 June 2016 / 22:15

    Your photos always amaze me! Great shoots and beautiful outfit! Also I loveee the way you write!

  8. 24 June 2016 / 21:28

    Your dedication and commitment to this shoot is amazing! The photographs look incredible and I’m so happy to enjoy them! Beautiful pictures Marta!!


  9. 24 June 2016 / 11:58

    I love how you write, I feel like I’m right there with you! Amor desde Madrid ♣ Jaime Correa

  10. 23 June 2016 / 19:34

    Oh wow so gorgeous.. I am loving the jumpsuit! Would love to follow each other and stay in contact, let me know! x

  11. 22 June 2016 / 08:07

    Wow, you are looking so beautiful dear!

  12. 21 June 2016 / 20:32

    YOU.LOOK.JUST.AMAZING!!! That jumper suits you so so so so well and the location looks just like paradise!

  13. 19 June 2016 / 20:27

    Beautiful outfit. You are so gorgeous! xo

  14. Sophie
    19 June 2016 / 12:07

    This is soooo gorgeous! You are beautiful xx

    Who Will Call


  15. 15 June 2016 / 20:28

    The sunrise looks absolutely stunning! I love the colors in the air and reflected in the water. Your outfit was also awesome and went so well with the atmosphere too… 🙂

    Characters & Carry-ons

  16. 15 June 2016 / 19:41

    Wow it was definitively worth it to get up that early! And you still look so pretty girl 😉
    I love your outfit but also really like your writing style. Your words are really emotional but also really funny 🙂
    Have a lovely day – and hopefully some more sleep!
    xx, Carmen –

  17. 15 June 2016 / 16:00

    ¡Muy buen post! Nos encantaría promocionarte a través de nuestras redes sociales. Tienes mucho potencial. Cuando escribas sobre moda, menciónanos con tu post en twitter (@ivorybrandstr) y lo compartiremos. Así te conseguimos algo de promoción.

    Saludos desde

  18. 15 June 2016 / 15:33

    Estás preciosa, Marta! Calidad de fotos excepcional, por cierto, qué cámera usas? voy a invertir en una este verano y no sé por cuál decidirme… ya me dices bonita!


    • Marta Sierra
      16 June 2016 / 08:14

      Muchas gracias Anna!!! Me alegra que te gusten. La cámara que uso ahora es la NIKON D750, pero antes he usado la NIKON D7200 y también está muy bien. Suerte encontrando la tuya!

      Muchos besos,

  19. 15 June 2016 / 09:56

    I honestly cannot handle your amazing posts. The writing and photographs are just so professional and gorgeous! Stunning.

  20. 15 June 2016 / 09:50

    Oh my goodness you look so beautiful lovely! These pics are just WOW! You caught the light at the most perfect time of day! Absolutely loving your jumpsuit, I’ve been eyeing it off myself actually and now I definitely think I need to make a purchase! Your earrings are such a gorgeous statement too! How fab is H&M hey?! Xx

  21. 14 June 2016 / 21:42

    Hermoso Marta – me encantaron los accesorios 🙂

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