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Am I the only one that simply cannot believe that the summer vacation is almost over? Luckily, after coming back from my little escape to the Spanish Costa Brava, I have something to look forward to: I am moving to Paris in just over a week!

So let’s talk about that little escape. After a really busy summer visiting the most incredible places, we took a few days to enjoy some truly relaxing moments alone, meaning: no alarm clock, daily swims in the sea, little to no makeup and wearing a bikini pretty much all day every day (except for the occasional “date night”).

During these fleeting but fabulous moments, the only essentials were sunscreen, sunglasses and our beloved companion, the camera.

Our first stop was Cala Aiguablava, admittedly one of the cutest and most beautiful little beaches I’ve explored at the Spanish Coast. Let’s not even mention the views we had from the terrace of the Hotel Aiguablava… They made the food look even more delicious!

Unfortunately, this little paradise was no unexplored gem, and the golden sand beach was already conquered by august visitors who planted their flags early in the morning (or their beach umbrellas, at least).

With our beachy mood set high, we left for our next destination in the Costa Brava: Blanes. Our days there consisted of beach workouts, tanning, eating and sleeping (talking about going back to the basics). Finally we got some much needed relax time to recharge those batteries for what’s next! Okay, we went a little overboard with the ice-creams and paellas… Not recommended! I am not even going to try to justify it with my workout schedule being more consistent than ever… Too much is just too much!

All in all, this trip made me realise how wonderful it can be to explore and become a tourist in your own country, as I was left in awe by the beauty of these towns just an hour or two away from where I grew up.



  1. 26 August 2016 / 03:15

    I think you blog is the most attractive one when it comes to design. I love how you do your posts and frame your pictures 🙂

    Jade –

  2. 24 August 2016 / 19:24

    Me encanta ese look con el choker de encaje – disfruta !

  3. 22 August 2016 / 11:47

    Gorgeous pictures! Sophie x


  4. 21 August 2016 / 19:58

    Looks insane. Bet you you had a great time!! <3

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