If you would have asked 13-year-old me her biggest dream the answer would be: living in Paris. Today I can officially state: child-dream accomplished!

After finding my dream studies in Paris, all the pieces are falling together.

Dear mademoiselles: for the next 10 months I’ll be eating croissants under the Eiffel tower, carrying shopping bags around the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, tasting wine and cheese during a Jardin du Luxembourg picnic, taking outfit pictures in front of blue 18th century doors and living on my favourite vanilla macarons. I will say it right here, right now: my goal after these 10 months is to have discovered every little corner this city has to offer. Oh, and of course, I might even find the time to study for my Master in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management as well (wink, wink!).

I could not be more excited about this new scenery and can’t wait to show you all my discoveries!



Marta x


  1. 22 March 2017 / 09:54

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  2. 3 October 2016 / 00:10

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anmoery?!

  3. Ivona
    9 September 2016 / 15:13

    Congratulations! And of course, bon chance! Look forward to seeing more from Paris on your blog… 🙂
    Ivona from http://www.thesmokedetector.net

  4. Lex MG
    8 September 2016 / 05:33

    We are with you. We support you. We adore you.


    You enchant us, you delight us, you let us (or help us) dream one of the ideal dreams … :

    Belle, soignée, précieuse….: le LUXE quoi !

  5. 7 September 2016 / 19:45

    Congratulations Marta ! I hope this is just one of many more dreams to accomplish.

  6. 7 September 2016 / 19:06

    Wow. That is incredible. Congratulations and enjoy every moment of these 10 months 🙂

    Mich x

  7. 7 September 2016 / 18:42

    Congratulations! How amazing! I stopped with my AA in Fashion Design and never made it to Paris. I hope to do it next year. I hope to learn a lot of Paris from your blog. 🙂

  8. 7 September 2016 / 14:43

    This is amazing! So jealous! Sophie x


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