Have I ever mentioned the exquisiteness of a well-formed ruffle? Ah, yes, you are right; just about every time I open my mouth (or rather, type on this keyboard…). But I truly believe that the cliché saying of “less is more” does not apply to the universe of ruffles. Here, more is always more. And somehow they seem to have the power to float in between the realm of femininity and grand toughness with their structural statement.

Everyone who has ever met me knows that I am a girly girl, to the point that my best friends make fun about my continuous search for another slightly different pink coat.

But here’s to demonstrate that us pink and ruffle lovers can also be bold, rock an all-black look and not leave our girliness behind.

This 8th Sign jumpsuit is just the perfect blend between badass and sweet, between cool and sophisticated, between rough and lady-like. The smooth and leather-like material of the ruffles helps them stand out even more, making this jumpsuit a bold statement and creating the illusion of a tiny waist. In the meantime, the wide-leg bottom enhances that elongated look we all crave for. Excellent team-work, right?

When I first laid my eyes on this jumpsuit, I immediately knew two things: 1) I knew I had to have it, as simple as that and 2) I knew exactly the perfect shoot location for it, where its grandness would be harmonised.

And this place happens to be one of my best friends’ apartment (remember the one that laughs at me for being a pinkaholic? Yes, that one. Our cheerful and amazing Maria). 


And so we did. During a shooting day that felt more like the usual weekend get-together, Tom, Andrea and I hang out at her apartment. And at a certain moment, I actually literally found them hanging out of the furniture (oh, is it nice to be around crazy people…)!

Anyway, the moral of today’s story: be however you are, have awesome friends and buy a fabulous black ruffled jumpsuit!


Jumpsuit: The 8th Sign

Heels: H & M

Earrings: Lyla & Bo


  1. 11 December 2016 / 21:21

    OMG yesss!!!
    your legs look SO HUGE!

    amazing post!

    Jade –

  2. 4 December 2016 / 16:23

    Me encanta tu blog muchísimo, es realmente fantástico y por supuesto sales preciosa. Con mucho amor, Celia

  3. 22 November 2016 / 00:56

    What a BEAUTIFUL apartment. Such a perfect location to shoot such a dramatic jumpsuit. The ruffles just give it so much character <3 | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


  4. 18 November 2016 / 22:12

    Me encanta Marta, estás de revista – ese jumpsuit te queda precioso.

  5. Maria Chaoui
    18 November 2016 / 13:03

    Your pictures are amazing!! We’re so lucky to have u as a friend dear martaaaa
    I’m so buying this jumpsuit 🙂

    Keep up your great work!!

  6. 18 November 2016 / 06:47

    Beautiful outfit! So chic!

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